Friday, October 1, 2010

Tailbone Pain & Toe Cramps?

I haven't updated my stats in a while, so here is a record from yesterday!



Breakfast: 2 pieces of whole wheat bread, 1 Oikos Greek yogurt with honey

Lunch: Vegetable soup with wheat crackers

Dinner: Chicken fajita meat, grilled onions & peppers, Baked Tostitos

Post-Dinner: Throughout the day, I snacked on dried cranberries, almonds & a P90X Wildberry Yogurt bar.

Supplements: Beachbody ActiFIT Multivitamin, Beachbody Core Omega-3/Omega-6 supplement, Beachbody Core Cal-Mag, Folic Acid from CVS Pharmacy


I took Bauer for a walk in the morning, and I went to 24 Hour Fitness to take a Body Pump class. Loved it! I'm so excited about the full program launching across Texas next month!


I slept until about 7:15 after going to bed before 10pm. I'm still sleeping double what I normally do! However, my naps in the afternoon are only about 20-30 minutes now, so I'm able to get more done.


I am really blessed. I still have a carsick feeling that comes and goes, but it's mild and usually doesn't last very long. Maybe I am getting through the worst of it? Although. I am noticing that my muscles are tight, and it feels like my joints are expanding. I'm sore in the weirdest places - like my tailbone hurts, and I'm getting toe cramps. But it's so worth it! :) (Any ideas for alleviating that? I'd love for you to comment below!)

Today, I'm most excited about....

Baby Myers has fully developed fingers and toes! Watching the week by week process in the books I am reading has been incredible. It's such a miracle!

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