Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Those pesky Fisher Price Commercials...

We made it to Week 11 - almost out of the first trimester! It really has gone by so quickly.

By this week, Baby Myers is big enough for me to hold in the palm of my hand. The transparency of the skin is starting to subside as multiple layers of skin are forming. The books I'm reading tell me that Baby Myers is starting to open and close his/her fists, and teeth are forming too! Also, the fingers and toes are beginning to separate, which I'm assuming is probably a big adjustment. After all, the webbed-like fingers and toes were probably pretty useful considering all the swimming they do right now! :)

As for me? I'm starting to show a little bit...even though no one else seems to think so! But trust me - they aren't the ones trying to fit into my normal clothes! I don't exactly look pregnant yet, so I'm stuck in what I like to call "fat girl phase." I just feel like I look like I've been eating a little too much pizza! But it's okay...I'm just wearing looser clothes, and that seems to be working for now at least to keep me comfortable.

As for other adjustments, I cry about once a day, and it's usually about the dumbest things....such as a Fisher-Price commercial. Seriously. I see those little toys and the little ones playing with them, and I'm a goner. From someone who is typically not very emotional, this is a big adjustment!

The nausea is definitely gone by now, which is great. I'm still exhausted and sleeping double my normal schedule, but I'm excited about the 2nd trimester energy that I keep hearing about! Tell me it's true...


  1. 2nd trimester energy is no lie!!! :) Don't get me wrong, I still love my naps, but being exhausted and falling asleep as soon as I get home from work is a thing of the past :)