Thursday, November 4, 2010

Changes, Changes, Changes...

So, it's been a while since I've updated...and Baby Myers has gone through a lot of changes! By the end of week 13, Baby Myers will still be tiny (only about 3 inches long)...but be a fully formed baby! I am blown away by how quickly the 1st trimester went by.

Baby Myers isn't the only one experiencing change. I'm loving the 2nd trimester energy everyone told me about! Last week, there were several days in a row when I got up, had my Bible study, worked out, AND ate breakfast all before 7 am! I feel like I am back to least for me. I'm still going to bed really early, but I don't need naps in the afternoon anymore.

I am having a little bit of trouble getting comfortable at night. I'm a back sleeper, so this whole sleeping on my side thing is a bit of an adjustment. I did go to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought a wedge pillow, which has helped a lot. However, I still end up on the couch with Bauer for a few hours some nights. He has been a good snuggler. Usually, he doesn't like cuddling when he's sleeping, but I think he knows I'm uncomfortable. It's very sweet.

The changes don't end there. God has given James and I a new ministry assignment. After Thanksgiving, we are moving to Austin, TX to serve at Great Hills Baptist Church. James will be the College & Singles Pastor. We are going to miss our church family and friends here, but we know God is calling us to Austin. Please pray for us during our transition. Specific to Baby Myers, please pray that I can quickly find a new doctor and a great hospital to deliver.

If anyone has ever moved during pregnancy, I appreciate any wisdom you're willing to share!


  1. I would highly highly recommend getting a Snoogle - they sell them at Babies R Us, and probably other baby stores too, but this thing has saved my life for sleeping comfortably! The wedge pillow just won't cut it once you're further into the second trimester. The snoogle makes it so you can sleep on your back in a modified way (one hip elevated) very easily and comfortably!

  2. My husband and I moved when I was 8 weeks pregnant. It was difficult because I was so tired!! My advise is to pack the things you will need immediately and mark them clearly!! And, unpack your bedroom & kitchen first. Unpacking has been a bear for me because of the exhaustion, but our bedroom was set up the day we moved in, so I always had a place to rest comfortably. Hope this helps and good luck!!!

  3. Welcome to the 2nd trimester! It's a great place to be. :)

    Side note: I love my Snoogle!! It's been a lifesaver the past month or so (I'm almost 20 weeks - ACK!) and it's very versatile for the money. I use it in bed or on the couch if I need some extra back support (because I've already been hit with the heartburn/indigestion issues).

    Best of luck with the move! I pray that you find a fabulous doctor & hospital quickly! Thanks for the quick update & take care of yourself. :)


  4. AMAZING advice, ladies! Thank you!!

  5. Just reading this post, but I struggle sleeping on my side as well so I end up all over the place at night. The bed, the couch, the recliner. The recliner works best for me because I get to sleep on my back just angled. We put the recliner in the bedroom so at least I'm sleeping in the same room as Jason. Hope you are doing well.