Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do You Smell That?

So, it's the beginning of Week 7. The baby is going through a rapid growth spurt this week. By the end of this week, the baby will have doubled in size...and be about 1/2 inch. :) The heart has divided into right and left chambers, and small arm and leg buds are forming. So amazing...

But the baby is not the only one going through changes! I've noticed some crazy things changing in my body. I may not be showing yet...but I've got the tears to prove I'm pregnant! Normally, I'm not a very emotional person, but these days, I can cry over just about anything. (Example - remember the Tim Allen movie Jungle 2 Jungle? I caught the last 10 minutes of it yesterday, and cried like someone hit me. It wasn't even sad!)

However, I think the thing that has surprised me the most is my new super sonic sense of smell. I can smell ANYTHING. Normally, I chew peppermint gum. Now, it makes me sick. The smell is way too strong. I used to not really notice when our automatic Lysol sanitizer would go off. Now, I can tell you when it sprays no matter where I am in the house. It's crazy.

So, I'm obviously getting some of my intense motherly senses. I wonder when the eyes in the back of my head will start coming in...


  1. Fun blog! Thanks for following! hope you're feeling great!

  2. my friend and trainer Elizabeth just recommended your blog to me and I am sooo excited! I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with baby number three and wanting to stay fit this round! After Baby number two I gained ALOT of extra weight and finally said enough is enough! Started Zumba, Chalean Extreme and Turbo kick and then Turbo jam. Lost about 35 pounds and gained some awesome muscle and a LOVE for fitness and healthy living. I am needing encouragement now though cause WOW...I don't remember being this sick and tired before and I don't want to gain unhealthy weight or fall into bad patterns again. I am excited to be able to gain some helpful tips from you.:)

    Danielle Doan