Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pets & Pregnancy

So I'm not that blonde anymore, and Bauer's definitely not that little....but isn't he the cutest pup you've ever seen?!

Bauer is now 6.5 months old and weighing right at 60 lbs. He's not finished growing, and he is crazy. Really. In fact, as I type this, his paws are in my lap, and he's licking my face. Surely, he doesn't want my attention. (Be warned - this will be a short post.)

I read a little bit about this subject in my books and online, but I came up with conflicting arguments. I decided I needed an expert opinion - YOURS!

Over the past few weeks, I've noticed Bauer getting even more protective of me. (Sometimes, he doesn't even like it if James gets too close to me!) He seems to know when I'm not feeling well. On those days, he won't leave my side. Plus, here's the kicker: I've heard my entire life that dogs have incredible hearing abilities. Well, for about the past 2 weeks, whenever I am sitting down on the couch, he rests his head on my stomach. He's always snuggled up beside me, but never this close. Is it possible that Bauer can hear the heartbeat?

Did your pets act differently when you were pregnant? How?


  1. Absolutely agree. Our dog, Scooter, was never too cuddly with me. He came with my husband, who has had him for 10 years. When I was pregnant, that dog was ALL over me. They most certainly CAN hear the heartbeat. At night, Scooter would sleep curled up around my belly the whole time I was pregnant. Ironically, he's not too fond of the baby yet...guess he's jealous.

  2. Yes! I had 2 dogs when I was pregnant. One wouldn't let me leave his site and was very protective... the other decided he did not like me while I was pregnant and ignored me all the time. They both did great when we brought Savannah home, but saddly enough, the one who was protective of my when I was pregnant started snapping at Savannah. He has been fine around her for 2 years, so we had to find him a new home. We couldn't risk him hurting her.

  3. I have never been pregnant, but have heard from expecting friends that their dogs do become quite protective!

  4. Rusty (cat) really likes my belly...he's a lap cat and LOVES to purr. So he'll just sit and purr, purr, purr on Momma's lap as long as he pleases (or until I have to pee). I read that Baby Young can hear things now & our new joke is that we'll have to play a recording of Rusty's purring to get our Bambino to sleep once they arrive! :) At night, Rusty usually sleeps near my belly or at least near me...he's a protective kitty.

  5. Rowdy would NOT leave my side.. He too, at first, was even weary of Josh. It was extremely sweet-- -then got a little annoying:-)

    I have read that they actually know due to their unbelievable sense of smell. They can smell the hormone change.. It is amazing!

    When it gets close to time, I have great tips on bringing the baby home and getting him used to him/her if youre interested!