Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm in Love :)

Isn't that the most PRECIOUS white blob you've ever seen??!!?! :)

Words cannot describe my joy as soon as the nurse pointed out our baby. That faint heartbeat at 113 bpm was one of the most precious sounds I've ever heard. (Just a note to anyone who is reading this before their first pregnancy...make sure your husband goes with you to this appointment! He will not want to miss hearing the heartbeat and seeing the baby for the first time. It was a very special moment for James and me!)

This is a whole new type of love, a whole new outlook on life....and I'm only 6 weeks in.

Yes, that's right - 6 weeks, not 8 weeks, as we originally thought. Based on the size of the fetus, we now have a new due date of May 9, 2011.

According to the materials I've been reading (Your Pregnancy: week by week) and what I saw at the doctor's office today, Baby Myers is about 2 mm. The early brain chambers are forming, along with the eyes and limbs. Six weeks is the earliest week that you should be able to hear the heartbeat, so we were blessed to be able to hear it today. Today, they also did blood work and a routine exam to make sure everything looks normal. So far, so good!

The doctor gave me the all clear to continue to exercise in moderation. I just have to be extremely careful to make sure my heart rate doesn't get up too high and that I don't get too hot. I ordered a heart rate monitor from Beachbody, so it should be here within the next few days. I'm being OVERLY careful until it arrives.

I don't have to go back to the doctor for another 4 weeks unless there is a problem. I have a feeling every time I close my eyes in a quiet place, I'm going to hear that heartbeat...

Praise God for the amazing miracle of life!


  1. Congrats girlfriend! It's a new opening into heaven with a baby for sure! You are in my prayers for a great pregnancy & perfect delivery.

  2. Congrats Michelle!! The heartbeat is the most amazing sound & I'm so glad James was with you to experience every moment! It's a rollercoaster at times, but I know you guys will just roll with it. :)

    Congrats again & cherish that first picture! :) Baby Myers is a beauty!

  3. Michelle! I just watched your video! That's incredible, and congratulations! Our pastor had this message on Sunday "Sometimes you have to kill your dream and rely solely on God". That's exactly what you did! You are going to be a wonderful mother!

  4. Congrats! Seeing something like this for the first time is such an amazing thing. Just wait til you get further along and get to watch it develop into a tiny little human :)