Friday, November 12, 2010

My First REAL Craving!

James has been complaining because he hasn't had a "real" pregnant wife yet. Ever since I told him the story of our friend, Austen Williams, having a
watermelon dipped in queso craving, he has been waiting on me to want something...well...unhealthy.

As you know, I'm a pretty healthy eater. Instead of cravings, I've had more aversions to foods that I normally eat. In fact, I barely touched meat throughout my first trimester. Anytime he would ask me what I wanted to eat, I would want Subway or a big salad from Chick-Fil-A.

Well, last night...I'm pretty sure I made my husband's day. I saw a commercial for pretzel M&MS. Thinking to myself, "Sweet AND salty....yes please!" So, I sent James to the store, and he was instructed not to come back without pretzel M&Ms.

I only ate a handful. They tasted just as good as I thought they would. Balance and moderation... a handful is not going to hurt. Plus, I think my husband REALLY believes I'm pregnant now. Now, if I could actually start showing...

1 comment:

  1. girlfriend... a handful?

    Next time go for at least 2bags!
    You gotta work it! Worry about working it off later! Enjoy yourself and endulge =]
    I promise your metabolism loves you and will burn it while you pet bauer!!!

    love yoU!