Monday, November 15, 2010

Pamper Yourself A Little!

I've mentioned before that I've had a little bit of trouble sleeping because I can't get comfortable sleeping on my side. So today, I decided that it was time for a little bit of muscle relief. Thanks to my generous husband, I went to get my first pregnancy massage.

As great as massage is anytime, today felt extra incredible! There are just so many changes going on in your body, you can't always be precise with the source of the pain. In addition to tension relief in the muscles, prenatal massage has a lot of perks. Check out this article to read more about the benefits of prenatal massage.

In a lot of ways, pregnancy massage is very similar to a normal relaxation massage. However, just as you have certain positions you can't lay in while sleeping, you can't lay flat on your back while getting a pregnancy massage. You also reach a point where it's uncomfortable to lay on your stomach, so most of the massage will be given while you are laying on one of your sides or propped up at an angle on your back. Second, there are certain trigger spots that educated massage therapists know to avoid since stimulating those areas could cause early contractions when you are far enough along in your pregnancy. Last, make sure that your massage therapist uses only organic essential oils, such as lavender, and avoids using strong-smelling oils like peppermint. (P.S. I didn't know this before today. I'm very comfortable with my therapist, and she is used to me asking a lot of questions. Lucky for me, she's very smart and always has an answer!)

Even if you're on a tight budget, I highly encourage you to save up and splurge on a few massages during pregnancy. After all, the more comfortable and relaxed you are, the better it is for you and the baby. That's worth it, right?

One final note: Always check with your doctor on her thoughts about when you can begin pregnancy massage. Some doctors are fine with it anytime, but my doctor wanted me to wait until my 2nd trimester. But once you get the go ahead from your doctor, go for it!

Thanks to Cynthia Garcia for an amazing massage. If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, check out her website to schedule an appointment for you or to buy a gift certificate for someone else. (Husbands, it would make a GREAT Christmas gift!)

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